Halloween Stamping Nail Art Tutorial Beautybigbang

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❣️Stamping Nail Art ❣️

Hi my lovely friends here is a easy nail art design
I hope you like it.
Please give me a ?? if you liked

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❣️what I used❣️
-Unt peel off base coat
-La colors in fiber strong
-Nailsinc In glamingo
-Liquid latex
-Born Pretty polish in 3
-Claire’s glow in the dark yellow
-Seche vite Topcoat
-DIY cuticle oil
-Aveeno hand cream

?Tools used?
-Beautybigbang Plate XL-027
-Beautybigbang Plate 03
-Beautybigbang plebe 01
-Bp Stamper and Scraper
-Clean up brush
-Cotton claw
-Lint roller


If you have any requests please leave me a comment below?I will do my very best to achieve them

❣️Thank you so much for watching
❣️I love you all❣️

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I am NOT a professiondal nail technician. I just love nail art and want to share my basic skills with you all.
I have NEVER claimed originality. I just get inspired by YouTube and household items like wallpaper, cups and duvets the list just goes on. There are some amazing people on YouTube with some awersome skills. I Will alway list the youtuber in the list.
I am NOT being paitd by any of the mentioned companies to make my video or include them in this video. The view in this video are strictly my own and I am NOT afflicted with any of these companies. My video reflects my honest opinions

This video is NOT sponsored


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